Advanced Technology For Food Analyses


OMNILAB is the premium provider of specially developed, tried-and-tested systems for food analyses. FoodALYT products combine state-of-the-art technology and a great cost-benefit ratio. And since we never stop improving and developing our analytics systems, they always meet the highest and most modern standards.

The FoodALYT range includes products for:

  • Nitrogen determination acc. to Kjeldahl
  • Steam distillation of Kjeldahl digestion solutions
  • Fat extraction acc. to Soxhlet, Twisselmann and Randall
  • Hydrolysis acc. to Weibull-Stoldt
  • Raw Fibre Analysis
  • Photometry

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Some Hints For Easier And Faster Results

  • Use the extended search to find the specific lab product you need more efficiently.
  • Read more about FoodALYT systems applications as well as detailed product descriptions in the FoodALYT product brochure
  • The FoodALYT specialists will be glad to assist you.