Enlarged Product Portfolio - FoodALYT

We provide advanced technology for food analyses with our product line FoodALYT.

We acquired our comprehensive knowledge as an independent consultant for customeroriented solutions. FoodALYT stands for a balanced cost-benefit ratio. Thus this is precisely what is important for everyday practice.

We further extended our product programme. New in our product range are e. g. devices for fat extraction acc. to Randall, photometers and hydrolysis systems acc. to Weibull-Stoldt.

FoodALYT units facilitate the implementation of analyses in your laboratory.

The entire range of FoodALYT comprises:
Nitrogen determination acc. to Kjeldahl 
Steam distillations of Kjeldahl digestion solutions
Fat extraction acc. to Soxhlet, Twisselmann and Randall
Hydrolysis acc. to Weibull-Stoldt
- Photometry



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